In Memory of :

John ''J.R.'' Robinson 

Bass Guitar 

John Robinson. (J.R.)brought a smooth yet clean and punchy bass-line to THE RUB. The longtime Dallas-area  player came from a long line of musicians as well . He was a welcome and great asset to THE RUB, J.R. was also widely known as a great bassist playing fill-ins & studio gigs all over the Metroplex. A gig fill-in brought him to THE RUB, and we were more than glad to have him as a permanent member. A strong work ethic and a great sense of timing helped to add to THE RUB. 

We came to love John as a friend, a brother, and a fellow musician. It is with heavy hearts that we are continuing on without him. The question from him would be " why would you stop playing ? " So .....we go on.  Painfully without you Brother.....but on still. You may be gone, but you will never be forgotten Sir.  We will play together again!